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As the name implies, it follows a specific guideline of Iranian architecture through the path of its history.
Prime examples like Shazdeh Mahan Garden, Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd, Chehel Sotoon Garden In Isfahan, Eram Garden in Shiraz, and Feen Garden in Kashan.

An architecture based on nature and water.

What is evident, is an architectural intelligence behind meeting the needs of a 21st-century modern society by preserving old trees and designing lasting unique green spaces to preserve the old spirit and reflect it into the present.

Chirping birds in old Shemiran trees, reminiscent of the old Tehran, while two modern skyscrapers are nearby is a pleasure hard to find in this crowded and polluted town.

The Persian Garden is a symbol of originality that has stemmed from the heart of the Iranian rich architectural history and its traditional way of life.

In the heart of these dense trees, there sat a unique and precious mansion, and preserving this precious cultural heritage was a national duty. A new challenge began.

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