Introducing Lotus Group

Lotus Economic and Engineering Group, as one of the leading companies in the luxury construction industry, always strives to take an effective step to improve the quality of the country’s construction by relying on the experiences and records of managers and also by using creative and specialized forces. During several years of professional activity in this field, Lotus Group has been able to leave an acceptable record in the field of modern and luxurious constructions with the approach of updating the originality of Iranian architecture. This collection has always sought to create new and up-to-date investment opportunities in the field of luxury construction; That is why its managers, using the most up-to-date and efficient techniques and methods, have been able to achieve appropriate economic-profit solutions in this field and, by localizing global achievements in the field of construction, define sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.


At Lotus, we use all our human resources and knowledge to raise living standards in the communities in which we work and live, using the latest technologies in design and construction.


At Lotus, we use all our human resources and knowledge to raise living standards in the communities in which we work and live, using the latest technologies in design and construction.


– Innovation in the construction industry by relying on world-class knowledge and technology, especially the acquisition of building information modeling technology (BIM)

– Development of development capabilities, conceptual design capabilities, design of structures and mechanisms for financial and technical participation of investors and partners in construction projects

– Continuation of professional and quality construction and fulfillment of contractual obligations and building trust to maintain the brand and credibility of the collection

Fundamental value

Customer orientation / Satisfaction, creating loyalty, respecting the rights and protection of customer interests by providing the desired quality, timely delivery and reasonable prices with a view to promoting glory and innovation and developing and protecting the Lotus Group brand

Preserving human dignity / respecting human resources as the most valuable asset of the group through empowerment, meritocracy, succession, synergy, promoting creativity and promoting honesty and mutual respect between positions to improve motivation and commitment

Protecting the interests of shareholders and investors / proper interaction, improving financial transparency, fiduciary duty, meeting obligations, safeguarding the interests of shareholders and investors, and creating sustainable wealth for key stakeholders in accordance with the principle of mutual benefit

Social responsibility / design, investment, development of construction projects and providing services related to relying on the principles of Iranian luxury art and architecture and creating a suitable environment for recording and maintaining managerial experiences, managing organizational knowledge and developing the company’s share in laying the groundwork for human welfare , The comfort and tranquility of the community and the preservation of the environment

Creating synergistic partnerships / development and creating synergies by forming various partnerships in the chain of financing, design, implementation and supply of construction projects and related industries, including consultants, contractors and related organizations in compliance with the principle of mutual benefit

Organizational Excellence / Creating a transcendent organization through the establishment of a system of excellence and quality management and excellence in the construction of luxury residential complexes and professional advancement of work and efforts to fulfill tasks, responsibilities and commitments through the creation of agile systems and work processes Section based on drum recovery

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Architecture is not based on metal and concrete, the element of wonder is the foundation of this art.

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