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One of the most important buildings built by Lotus Engineering Economic Group;

Because the head office and the guiding brain of this large economic group are located in this building and all the management units of this complex plan and manage the implementation process of dozens of projects from this point.

Its location is located on the border between Saffron and Velenjak and its access routes are very diverse and easy to reach; Shadavar Street in the south of Zafaranieh region, which branches from the main street of that area (Holy Ardabili Street) to Chamran Highway, is connected to Mahmoudieh from the west, to Zafaranieh from the north, and to Evin neighborhood and Yadegar Imam Highway from the east. The façade and details of the Shadi building are classically designed in the style of many of Lotus’ earlier and older projects. And the interior design of the units follows the style of contemporary architecture. This six-story building is in fact the command center of a complex that focuses all its efforts, capital and will on entrepreneurship and occupation in our beloved country and hopefully steps on the path of development.

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