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Pourandokht is a project that exhibits motherhood tenderness and feminism, hence the name. a building, soft, and love of nature.
Pourandokht was the 28th ruler of the Sassanid Empire and daughter of Khosrow Parviz and had the title “Queen of the Queens”. The female version of Kings of Kings.
Choosing the name of a project has sometimes a direct and sometimes an indirect impact on how popular and well-received it would be. Pourandokht paves the way to connect to the viewer by its inviting spirit.
Velenjak area and its climate have great potential by themselves.
The mountain breeze in Shemiran becomes much more pleasant when you know a unique big wooded terrace is anticipating you at home.
An everlasting frame that will keep its beauty for many years.
Pourandokht is an innovative, modern project that vividly reflects its creator’s genius forward vision in all its details; a façade based on straight and broken contours, practical balconies, intelligent use of space in floor plan, etc.
Pourandokht building is full of wondrous details.
One of the most distinctive features of this building is shrubs in all balconies.
A green and sustainable structure that plays an important role in air purification of the surrounding environment, and very pleasing to the eye.


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