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Paidayesh is an office building. A modern complex with an innovative concept that is being built in the Zaferanieh area in Shemiran. The simple shape of the structure subconsciously attracts the viewer. A rectangular cubical building with no additional protrusion which is entirely made up of usable space.
The architects and designers of this practical office building have both foreseen the needs of the target market (buyers) and met the project owner’s standards.
Simply put, Paidayesh is a minimalist view of an office building that has done well in both space and form.
Its cornered orientation provides sufficient natural light and is considered an attractive and positive aspect of this building.
The building’s location is another great advantage. Where Pesyan and Parzin Baghdadi streets cross in the Zaferanieh area means a lot more than a street address. It is strategically very special when we talk about an office building site.
Quick access to Tajrish Square and easy access to Vali Asr Ave and, Chamran and Yadegar Imam highways plus tens of parallel streets which makes bypassing the traffic brings about many choices that every one of them is considered an advantage for the occupants and patrons of this office building.
Paidayesh is a safe, quiet, and simple building to work in.

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