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Kourosh building is a unique project. A project has tried to adhere to all the aspects of Iranian culture, history, art, and heritage distinctiveness in every piece of this building. Fitting the exceptional originality of the ancient Iranian art and fitting them in a modern frame that meets the demands of today’s lifestyle is undoubtedly achieved brilliantly in this building.

Kourosh is a residential tower is located in the Evin Darakeh area and is under construction by the Lotus Commercial and Engineering Group with 18 floors which 13 are residential units with a total number of 134 apartments and 5 floors dedicated exclusively to common areas and facilities.
The apartments are designed in a variety of sizes, ranging from 110 to 220 square meters that should meet most of the residents’ expectations. What distinguishes Kourosh from buildings of similar size, is the intelligent look of its builders to its genuine architecture. An exceptional building that vividly exhibits traditional architecture and modernism in one frame.
The interior and spatial separations of the units, as well as the building’s overall general from are very well thought of and designed to conforms to local needs and desires.

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