Delivery of Peydayesh Office tower units

“Peydayesh ” is an office building. A modern collection with a modernist concept that has been delivered to esteemed owners and investors in the Saffron area of ​​Shemiranat.

The simplicity of the Peydayesh suite makes the subconscious audience attracted to the project. Rectangular cube without additional extras, all designed to serve the user.

The architects and designers of this office project have been able to functionally pay attention to the needs of the target market (potential buyers of office units) and to respond correctly and to the demands of the project employer.

In fact, it can be said that Peydayesh is the emergence of a minimalist view of a building with an office use that has been successful both in space and in form.

Adequate and very suitable light of the building due to the location of the two corners of the property can be considered as one of the positive and attractive features of Genesis…


Other positive features that can be mentioned in the administrative project “Peydayes”;

Is the specific geographical location in which the site is located; The intersection of Pesyan Street and Perzin Baghdadi Street. The actual function of this address goes far beyond a simple phrase or words; The Saffron region (especially the address mentioned) is strategically very special; Especially when it comes to an office building.

Quick access to Tajrish Square; Easy access to the important Valiasr Street; Easy access to highways, especially Chamran and Yadegar Imam highways; Access to dozens of parallel streets and alleys that bypass traffic lanes; And dozens of other options to consider, each of which alone can be an advantage for residents and users of an office building. Peydayesh is the emergence of a safe, quiet, and simple place for office users…

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