Delivery of Kourosh Towers

Delivery of Kourosh Towers units

Cyrus’s project is a unique building; A project that has tried to observe all the cognitive features of culture, history, art and heritage of the country in detail in the building and with a modern perspective, to bring to the fore all the features and components of ancient Iranian art in the form of the needs of today’s society. Cyrus is a modern Iranian building; With respect to the original Iranian art.

Originality is an undeniable part of the building of Cyrus…

The facade of the residential towers of Cyrus has a porch and a portico on top of it, which is reminiscent of the glory of Safavid palaces. Porches and porches that protect the (roof of the garden) project in their inner layer. The roof garden is inspired by the Persian garden. Accurate design and adaptation to the new lifestyle, the use of modern technologies, the use of new knowledge in the optimal use of energy, consideration of details such as light and access and the location of the building in the urban geography can provide comfort and security. , Play an effective role. The modern Iranian lifestyle is crystallized in the luxury architecture of a city like Tehran today, and they offer a modern and Iranian definition of comfort, tranquility and glory.

“Cyrus Residential Tower” in Evin and Darka area is being handed over to its esteemed owners by Lotus Economic and Engineering Group.

An 18-storey building, 13 of which are residential, with a total of 134 units, and five of which are dedicated to common areas and amenities.

Cyrus Tower units are designed in various sizes; From units of 110 to 220 square meters that cater to all tastes and interests of the audience. What distinguishes Cyrus from projects of similar dimensions is the clever view of its creators on its original architecture and design. A building with a look at the architecture of the past but modern and modern. A unique combination in which the characteristics of modernism can be clearly seen in all its components.

The interior design and separation of the spaces of the Cyrus project, such as paying attention to the general form and format of the building, has been thought out a lot and has been designed in accordance with the local needs and wants.

Some of the facilities and common welfare of this sustainable project are as follows:

Unique and luxurious lobby, sports halls including squash, bowling, billiards, specialized massage hall, separate gym for men and women, multipurpose football, volleyball and basketball hall, swimming pool for men and women, jacuzzi, sauna, tennis court, Unique green space, health road, education unit, health unit, Roofgarden, meeting hall and family cinema, music unit, library and publications unit, car wash, coffee shop, laundry, restaurant and catering, children’s room for children under six Year, playroom for seven to 12 year olds, ATM and many other practical and amazing facilities, each of which alone seems to be enough for a luxurious and unique building, but all of them are gathered together in one project for convenience. And bring comfort and tranquility to its inhabitants.Delivery of Kourosh Towers

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