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Bolour (crystal in Farsi), like a piece of crystal, is filled with delicate precision and taste. Like all other Lotus projects, its location is of prime importance. Bolour is located at the junction of Fereshteh and Khayyam streets in Elahiyeh. From the old and scenic alleyways full of decades-old trees and gardens still standing from the green Elahiyeh of the past in the neighborhood, one can easily reach Tajrish Sq. and to Pol Roumi and Shariati St. due east.
20 residential units occupy 10 floors and 4 additional common facility floors complete this 14 story building.
Apartment units are 155 and 185 square meters each, and their floor plans and space separations are designed logically and ideal. The has seen to it that all the occupants’ expectations are met. Bolour’s lobby, similar to other projects is beautifully designed and attractive. The designer has also paid special attention to the common areas and facilities in such a way to provide all that a luxury life demands.

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