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Tiara is pleasing to the eye. A girl’s name, meaning pleasant-eyed or pleasant-faced.
Tiara is a shining star in Elahiyeh, Shemiran in Dr. Hesabi’s prestigious neighborhood. A simple building with many notable details. It is 15 stories high with 11 floors as apartments and 4 floors of exclusive common areas. An exceptionally equipped and exclusive common area that serves only 11 units.
Each unit is 225 square meters. The floorplan and space allocations are done very meticulously and smart; without an inch of wasted space.
A luxurious main lobby with artistic mirror work and the furniture matching its overall concept of space, building, etc.
These 11 units with exceptional interior design can all avail themselves to the facilities such as a roof garden, gymnasium, and the multi-purpose conference hall.

Tel : (021) 22 66 1201 -8 Fax: (021) 26 20 54 86 P.O.Box: 1985614417

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