Lotus Mehr Iranian

Company type: Private joint stock company
Date of registration: 1391/06/14
Registration number: 429397
Subject of activity: Consulting, design, technical supervision, drawing, optimization, renovation, retrofitting and execution of all types of buildings, including concrete, stone, metal, wood, and implementation of metal and concrete structures, and construction of public, commercial and sanitary residential areas. Surveying, architecture, interior and exterior design, urban and industrial structures, and beautification using new technologies in the construction and civil engineering industry, and implementation of all mechanical and electrical installations related to the subject of the company, purchase, sale, export, and import of all goods. Authorized Trade – Contract for providing human resources, obtaining and granting representation and participation in international exhibitions – Participation in tenders and auctions and concluding contracts with public and private natural and legal persons – Obtaining loans and facilities in Rials and foreign exchange and obtaining guarantees and Opening documentary credits (LC) for the company from all banks and all authorized matters related to the subject of the company and in accordance with the commercial law.

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