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Shoka means doe, a female deer; the name of a building in the Velenjak area that is designed and inspired by nature and the natural environment.
The architects of this building have endeavored to respect the viewer and add value by creating its façade in such a way that it not only conveys a good feeling to the passerby but also plays an important role in respect to the city texture and environment.
Our city today is in dire need to increase the number of trees and shrubberies to counter air pollution so that a little bit of clean air reaches our lungs.
The modern and creative exterior of the building is one of its strong suits. A building whose distinctiveness is visible from far away.
Shoka is a residential project. A building with 132 and 205 square meter units that are uniquely designed by the architect’s ingenuity to receive natural sunlight during all daytime hours.
The floorplan designs are ideal and a logical spatial separation leaves no wasted area.
A smart floorplan is possibly the most important aspect for an Iranian family since what they need, apart from façade, materials used in building the structure and architecture, is a smart and calculated floorplan that conforms best to an Iranian family’s taste and local requirements.  
Shoka has seen to it and succeeded in implementing them all. A building fully adapted to Iranian taste.

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