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Artiman is a residential project. A unique modern building, situated in the middle of two areas of Zaferanieh and Velenjak and located next to the famous channel. Being next to the channel creates a beautiful view and provides a nice climate to its residents.

The design and architecture of Artiman are done by one of the most renowned architects, Mr. Mohammad Majidi. He is among the few architects who is both known for his academic and theories as well as a being a successful mass builder who has tried to institutionalize fundamental differences and standards.

Artiman has not only excelled in form but is also notable in the floorplan.

A plan that conforms and appeals to the Iranian market with world-class facilities. Artiman building is one the most unique architectural works in Iran these days.

The apartment units start from approximately 245 square meters up to penthouses of more than 700 square meters. The size variety has enabled the architect to customize each unit as per the buyer’s wishes by allocating different facilities and designs.

A luxurious main lobby with modern design, swimming pool, sauna, well-equipped gymnasium, a multifunction luxury hall, suitable for parties or just neighbors getting together, and a roof garden with an appealing design and architecture. Roof gardens and green spaces are one of the most important elements of modern-day buildings. A facility that adds vigor and freshness to the building and its occupants, while providing a beautiful outside view. No doubt that the river next door, Artiman’s beautiful landscape and roof garden has helped create a better climate for the residents.
Why Artiman?

What sets Artiman apart from its surroundings is the distinctive vision of the architect and his attention to the details of the Iranian lifestyle. As the hybrid name Artiman implies, the project as a whole is a mixture of modern art of architecture and, the taste of traditional Iran. Everything that an Iranian wanted in the traditional sense and desires in modern living is provided so that the name itself is not a distinguishing factor.

Artiman is composed of two words Arti, meaning clean and holly and, “Man”, meaning belief, (Holly and clean thoughts).

Another version of the name Artiman comes from the Zoroastrian book Avesta which defines it as “good thoughts”, the first part of their motto “good thoughts, good discourse, and good practice”.

Other sources refer to the word Artiman as the name of the first sculptor of Pasargadae.
Regardless of the origin of the word, everyone agrees that the word Artiman is a Persian name and has its roots deep in Persian history. A name that shines on this modern structure.

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