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The name Arina is derived from the word Arin; an Iranian individual. However, in the ancient and mythical Persian stories, Arina is mentioned as the goddess of the sun. Whichever version, Arina, like the other Lotus projects bears an indigenous Iranian name.
A building situated in an area between Velenjak and Zaferaniyeh, on N. Makouei Street which has special geographical importance due to easy access to major highways and avenues in addition to enjoying the crisp mountain climate. Its proximity to Evin Darakeh, Tajrish Sq., Chamran, and Yadegar Imam highways alone is a great advantage by itself. Just imagine having all of the above in one bundle!
Arina has 13 floors; 9 residential units (one per floor) and floors are allocated to building facilities. 
Facilities such as roof garden, gymnasium, a luxurious lobby plus a hall suitable for any occasion.
All these serve only 9 luxury apartment units.

Tel : (021) 22 66 1201 -8 Fax: (021) 26 20 54 86 P.O.Box: 1985614417

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