Memaran Tamadon Kohan Architecture Company


The Architectural Advisor Engineers Company was established in 1389 by a group of architectural, structural and engineering engineers with brilliant designing, monitoring, and implementation skills.

Due to the good reputation of the engineers, the architect of the ancient civilization was able to design many of Tehran’s major projects.

Priorities and Values:
– Regular respect for colleagues
– Immutable integrity
– Positive spirit
– Capacity development and partners’ participation
– team work
– Motivation and satisfaction
– Observe and develop professional ethics
– Transparency of performance

Mission and vision:
The provision of high quality architectural and engineering services, resulting from innovation, innovation, technology and creativity, in accordance with the principles of building construction, with particular attention to energy management in buildings, moving towards the design of green buildings, and also leading the design team to the exploitation phase From the foundation of the services and activities of the architectural consultants of ancient civilization.