Ivan study and design

The centre always moving towards fresh perspectives to the styles of the contemporary Iranian architecture, and for that reason has put together a team of expert, innovative idea men

Introducing the construction projects of the group

Lotus group is currently working on 18 residential projects, mainly scattered in the northern areas of Tehran, the quality level of which range from luxurious to super-luxurious. The group deals with the projects from the very beginning of earthworks up to the last stages of delivering the apartments. The projects have unique specifications in respect to variety in the area and the interior planning of the apartments, thus meeting a wide range of interests and demands of potential customers. Chic facades with classic and modern styles, spacious common areas and luxe lobbies, state-of-the-art facilities, and other items like roof gardens and amphitheatres are among the characteristics of the projects of the group. The other attribute of these projects is the exclusive use of modern, high-quality materials which makes them stand out amongst the others.