About Us

Introducing Lotus Group

Lotus is an Investment and Construction Group with a great reputation and successful background in the investment and construction sectors, whose luxury residential projects in the North of Tehran, Shemiran area, has gained the trust of many clients and has given the group undoubted reputation in this field.

Relying on the experience of its managers and the expertise of its creative crew, the group is currently working on more than 200000 SQM of unique projects in the District-1, in the city of Tehran

The group has always aimed at designing and constructing luxury buildings, using the best materials, while developing relax, exclusive space in the common areas, for our special clients.

Since the beginning formation, Lotus Group has strived to keep up with the goals and obligations mentioned in its strategic documents, increase the satisfaction levels of its clients, respect the rules and obligations concerning constant growth, while taking into account its own vision regarding social responsibility, and quality related policies.

Strategic Foundation of Lotus Group

Fundamental goal: To find and create investment opportunities and to use them as a means for fair partnerships and sustainable profit for the beneficiaries, investors, share-holders, managers, colleagues, and partners in the business, and to concentrate on specific domains of the construction industry, finance, and commerce, on the domestic as well as international markets by the target year of 2020.

The Prospects of Lotus Group:

To add three new franchises to the construction department of the group, and reach the minimum profitability of %17 higher than the market wide investment rate, and to create a successful brand by the target year of 2020.


Mutual interests, cooperation, mutual respect, discipline, and creativity in every field.

Holding a strong belief in the international standards, environmental criteria, and quality management systems, the group tries to utilize its expert crew in order to turn its working environment and its projects into a medium for creativity and glory.

In order to create a management network for meeting the demands of its projects, Lotus group has either founded or taken partnership in some affiliate and subsidiary companies who organize the activities of the group in the field of construction in the form of an economic holding group.

Affiliations and subsidiaries of Lotus group

Lotus Abniye Construction Management Company

Memaran Tamadon Kohan Company

Lotus Commercial-Mining Company

Ivan Study and Design Centre

Lotus Abniye Construction Management Company

Believing in the effect of housing development on the economy, culture, and social relations in the society, and realizing its importance as the main urban element in the sustainable development of the city, Lotus Abniye Construction Management Company was formed in order to improve the quality and standards of living for our fellow citizens of Teheran.

By attracting potent engineers in the fields of designing, construction, and maintenance, and by utilizing new methods in managing and implementing house- building criteria, the company has tried to move beyond the prevailing traditional way of making short-life, monotonous, incoherent buildings, in order to realize professional industrial house building by designing uniquely outstanding buildings, and yet take the professional principles into full account in order to take effective steps in this domain.

Memararan Tamadon Kohan Company was registered by a group of architects including structural and facilities engineers. Thanks to the reputation and expertise of these engineers, Memararan Tamadon Kohan has managed to undertake the designing of many of the important projects in the city of Tehran.

Memararan Tamadon Kohan company

Lotus commercial-mining company

Lotus Commercial-Mining Company was born in June 2004, with a mission to create new economic opportunities in the fields of investment and international trade, by creating a synergic cooperation with domestic and international professional institutions. While utilizing the vast experiences of its managers in different economic domains in the fields of investment, contracting, and commerce and in the areas of construction, energy, mining, and capital market, the company has also gained benefit from the partnership and scientific and executive support of some other expert companies. The founders of the company are well-aware of the existing economic capacities of Iran and have always tried to work towards meeting the economic demands and requirements of the Iranian society.

The company functions as a subsidiary of Lotus holding and takes use of the professional background of its managers and expert advisers in order to better operate in the fields of energy, mining, and construction. The structure of the company is reinforced by a vast network of other companies and domestic and international experts in the domains of commerce, investment, finance, production, services, research, and counselling, and by using the world class experiences of its managers, the company is currently providing different services and products for its target clients.

The main capacities of this company can be stated as creating professional links with investors and international companies in order to form partnerships, and to provide economic or technological services to domestic investors, providing access to first-rate suppliers on the global scale in order to accommodate the required items of the Iranian manufacturers.

Having put together an expert crew, the founders of the company are trying to create a medium to administer their full belief in the global standards, domestic experience, and management systems, in order to contribute to the economic innovations of Iran.

Ivan study and design centre

The Centre always moving towards fresh perspectives to the styles of the contemporary Iranian architecture, and for that reason has put together a team of expert, innovative idea men.

Introducing the construction projects of the group

Lotus group is currently working on 18 residential projects, mainly scattered in the northern areas of Tehran, the quality level of which range from luxury to super-luxury. The group deals with the projects from the very beginning of earthworks up to the last stages of delivering the apartments. The projects have unique specifications in respect to variety in the area and the interior planning of the apartments, thus meeting a wide range of interests and demands of potential customers. Chic facades with classic and modern styles, spacious common areas and luxury lobbies, state-of-the-art facilities, and other items like roof gardens and amphitheaters are among the characteristics of the projects of the group. The other attribute of these projects is the exclusive use of modern, high-quality materials which makes them stand out amongst the others.